Technical yarns for health

Technical yarns for health

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Ain Fibres has fundamental assets to meet the requirements of standards specific to medical, paramedical, hygiene and care areas.

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Customized complex textile support products are proposed :

  • Manufacturing

    Threads used for medical applications (dressings, threads x-ray detectables yarns, hypoallergenic yarns for plasters, bandages, …) are manufactured with pure materials, special medical grades guaranteed by our suppliers.

  • R&D

    Our R&D service develops specific and innovative products, for paramedical applications compatible with the living organism or the care of the human being : hydrothermic, confortable, hydrophobic, thermodynamic, hypoallergen, lightness and high insulation coefficiant, …

  • Know-how

    We provide at your disposal a unique know-how in continuous melt spinning to obtain highly technical yarns (minerve, lumbar support belt, compression stocking orthopedia, …).

Strong in its ingeniosity, our development team allows us to optimize and reach always more performing objectives.
Innovative fibers of very high quality allow to achieve standardization specific to the medical domain.