Technical yarns for environment

Technical yarns for environment

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In the environmental framework, specific yarns produced by Ain fibres are proposed for all types of applications.

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The neutral character of the chemical composition of these yarns allow their use in environmental textiles in view of their resistance to saline environments (sea), acid environments (agricultural soils, acid rain, …).

The hydrophobic character of these fibers will avoid hydrolysis phenomena.

On the basis of the final use, the adding of different additives will stabilize our products.

For applications requiring a long lifetime, very high performance UV stabilizers allow to preserve the textiles during several seasons.

Fungicidal and algicidal additives will eliminate all risks of contamination in aqueous environments.

Used yarns
  • Agriculture: agricultural yarns and nets highly anti-UV
  • Earth, air, sea: biodegradable yarns with pre-determined duration (3,6,9 months, …)
The composition of the yarns is perfect for using in saline or acid environments