Technical yarns for civil engineering

Technical yarns for civil engineering

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Optimize and manage textile infrastructure, works.

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The proposed technical yarns are adapted to the following fields :

  • Road construction

    In the field of road construction, aware of problems will make a strengthening of the pavement by limiting the impact of works. We have developed these types of threads with high performance mechanical characteristics (controls the plastic deformation at contracts) associating the values of geotextiles to know:

    • The durability and perennial performance of reinforcement and anti-cracking.
    • To prevent the structural failure of works, to decrease the problems of safety and adherence from the phenomen of creation of holes.
    Threads used
    • Threads with special caracteristics, regarding the localization and conditions applying for the use of the application.
  • Building

    In the building, fibers improve the maneuverability of concrete and it’s cohesion.

    Concrete properties improvements are:

    • Immediate release by improving the appearance (clean angles and edges smooth slabs, …).
    • Good shock resistance and higher flexurus strength.
    • Avoid to use anti-cracking reinforcement mesh.
    Threads used
    • Acoustic and thermal insulation yarns.
    • Needle aspect fiber for optimized dispersion in concrete.
    • Technical cut fibers with high stability for construction.