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Textile is one of the most ancient technologies originally developed by human being.

The textile emergence was concomitant to the development of agriculture and cattle farming from the 9th millennium before our era.

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Today, evolution of technical textiles enters the era of performance textiles, they are present in all sectors of visible and non visible activities.

The attractiveness of technlogical innovation has been the trigger of the choice of our implantation in France, particularly in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, where the activity of the textile sector presents a dynamic in constant evolution.

Ain Fibres was created in 2015 with a real knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in the hot spinning technical yarns.

Previously based in the middle east, we have followed the emergence of technical fibers and fabrics in the early 1980s.

Ain fibres, more than 30 years experience in the hot spinning technical yarns
New processes technologies of manufacturing, made by AIN FIBRES


The development of our company has been possible only in an environment encouraged by new processes technologies of manufacturing developped internaly by our company.

Our study office is specialized in adapting new technologies to our production tools in order to find the expected solutions for these new types of textiles.



Our interdisciplinary job gives us access to :

  • Reflection

    Upstream thinking of the materials choice according to their configurations.

  • Identification

    Identification of components, additives and compatibilizers to be incorporated in mass and upsteam, the manufacturing process.

  • Concertation

    The consultation on the most adapted shapes of filaments and yarns according to the field of application.

  • Decision

    The relevance of a new product will be the trigger of the decision for its launch in production and on the markets.

  • Setting up

    Setup of a continuous control protocol in our laboratory in order to guarantee the continuity of the quality of the new developed products put into production.

Our qualified staffs are in constant training adapted to the evolution of new protocols and techniques for quality production monitoring.

Ain Fibres follows its customer over the entire chain of value of new products until the production of innovative yarns with high value added, in order to boost the emergence of niche markets and to transform them in high demand markets.

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